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Brutus2D Pinakabagong bersyon 1.5

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Brutus2D - Kopyahin Brutus2D, bersyon 1.5

Sa ngayon ay wala pa kaming rebyu tungkol sa software: Brutus2D, bersyon 1.5. Kung gusto mo magsulat ng rebyu tungkol dito ay huwag kang mag-atubili na ipadala ito sa amin at kami na naman ay malulugod na isama ito sa website.

Brutus is a programming language that can help users develop standalone executables. Brutus 2D has all the BASIC commands you can will need including, “For- Next, If-Then” commands. Brutus2D also has very easy commands users can utilize to manipulate graphics, generate in-game sounds and manage inputs. Brutus2D is essentially designed for game programmers who like to program games every once in a while.
So, you can say that the program is made for individuals who are in the hobby of making games. Brutus2D features all the commands required for the creation of two dimensional games. The program is perfect for games featuring first person shooters, side scrollers, action games, simple RTS, 2D puzzles and several other games.
Brutus2D program is quick to load, can process small files, read standalone exe once you subscribe to the program, has full screen functionality, easy graphics commands, easily loads and sets images, has great sound effects, BASIC command functionality, enables you to loop music, control the volume and the tempo of in-game music, etc.
You can also add special effects like fire, rain, smoke, explosions and other customizations if you are using Brutus2D as well. This helps make your game even better than ever.

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Tasa (or retain rating):10 (Users1)
Ranggo sa Development Software:745
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Lisensya:Libreng Subok
Laki ng file:3.72 MB
Huling update:18/11/2006
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Mga linggwahe: Ingles
Developer:Pewter Software
Bilang ng kopya (Tagalog):0
Bilang ng kopya (Buong mundo):151

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Pangalan ng developer: Pewter Software
Bilang ng mga programa ayon sa Pewter Software: 3

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